A story of a city and the little clothing company it inspired.

Jacksonville is a city with a storied past. This city has literally burned to the ground in the largest urban fire to ever sweep the Southeast known as the Great Fire of 1901. Out of the ashes, Jacksonville rose to become a tourism hotbed and destination for the directors and actors of the silver screen. Herald as a city of the future Jacksonville seemed to be a city without limits.

Like all great cities Jacksonville has had it’s ups and downs but has always continued to climb higher. It’s the people who call this bold city of the south home, that have helped it to endure. They have a fight like no other, pushing through and continuing on the path to a bigger and better future.

Today we are seeing potentially another golden era of the likes which this city has not seen in over a hundred years. The perseverance, creativity, pride, innovation and determination the people of Jacksonville have to make something better for themselves against all odds is what inspired us to start JAM Clothing Co.

There is so much pride and excitement in this city. We want to help keep that going for as long as you will let us. Our little corner of the country has so much to be proud of. The people, culture and lifestyle of northeast Florida needs to be shared with the world. Clothing allows us to not only express ourselves and who we are but also where we come from.

Our vision for JAM Clothing Co. is simple… create clothing that not only is inspired but INSPIRES! Inspires you to do something great, inspires you to live life to the fullest, inspires love and a sense of community.

We can only hope that we become a staple in this community. A brand that you can count on to deliver something original and unique, that draws on all that is great about this city. As journey down this down this winding but exciting road, we hope you will join us as we aim to write a story of our own.